Honours & Awards

logomakr_81sgxs♦  Trade star charity and education award  ♦

Trade star publishers, Kottayam Kerala - May 2008

This award has been presented to me for the excellent performance of Lisieux English senior secondary school as manager and principal of welfare collage Vaikom. There were different activities like free medical camp, housing projects, and free medical counter at hospital, supporting deserving students for education, etc. are basis for the charity and education award.


♦  Nest Mithra award  ♦

Nest the village of comfort - January 2013

Nest is the de addiction Centre of the Archdiocese of Thrissur. We the people of Cheranalloor promoted the activities of Nest. We contacted the people those who are addicted alcoholism in this area and arranged the counselling to them by the support of the nest. By their activities in our parish they honored and awarded.


♦  Additional Honours & Awards  ♦

Trade Star award (2008) for contribution to charity and education, honoured by trade star journal, Kottayam.

Nest Mithra award (2013) for the contribution to the prohibition of alcohol and drug addiction. Honored by Nest, Village of comfort Thrissur.